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       Welcome to Burchett Financial Services


We are a small privately owned year-round business that specializes in tax preparation, tax planning, tax representation, financial and estate planning for each individual taxpayer and accounting services for small businesses. 

We prepare 1040 tax returns for all individuals and tax returns for corporations whether an 1120 or 1120S corporation, 1065 returns for partnerships and limited liability companies (LLC), 1041 returns for trust and estates.  We recommend tax-planning meetings during the year, as events occur to change a taxpayer's tax situation.  We feel that planning for all major events of your life is essential to your financial health.  Some of those events include marriage, birth of a child, divorce, empty nest, pre-retirement (at least 10 years out) retirement and death.  Developing a plan will only help make the transition of these events easier and eliminate wrong turns to provide a smoother road to follow. 

As the tax laws change and become even more complicated, the need to have a well-trained and knowledgeable professional is so important.  Being an enrolled agent since 1992 allows us to “legally represent you before the Internal Revenue Service” in any tax matter.  Whether it is a collection problem or a technical problem with your tax returns, we can work with the IRS and state agencies to minimize the ramifications.  As the tax gaps exceed the $300 billion mark, tax audits will increase.  There are several forms of audits and we can walk you through the maze to a solution. 

In addition to tax planning, we work with clients in their process of planning for the major events of their lives financially.  We will review your 401K, 403B, 457 and any other retirement plan for appropriate asset allocation and investment strategies.  We will also help maximize your company benefits and minimize your tax bill. 

After you have accumulated your assets and you have lived a great retirement, what then happens with your assets?  We can help you with your final estate plans and asset transfer.  A good plan will make sure that your last wishes are carried out. 

Our accounting and bookkeeping services include payroll and reports preparation, financial statements, bank reconciliation and cash flow forecast.  We are a QuickBooks computer consultant and can assist and train you in the use of the software. 

Burchett Financial Services has been operating in the University area for 34 years and moved to our new office in October 2000.  If you are looking for a small personal tax and financial office then Burchett Financial Services is for you.  You will be right at home.  As one of our clients said one day “ This is the only tax office I’ve ever been to where you feel like you are going to a family reunion”. 

Feel free to call and discuss our services and how Burchett Financial Services can help you.

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